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In the previous few parts, we have addressed events in Jewish history during the period known as Renaissance (between 1350 and 1650). What we see during this period: the reduction of the power of classical knowledge and the power of the church; Đspanyol Inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews from various countries; Protestant’s growth as a new branch of Christianity; Golden Age of Polish Jewry and the Ukrainian Bogdan Chmielnicki massacres (see 48, 49 and 50.). What is the Jewish realm of the Renaissance when the renaissance was over? About half of the Jewish population Geographically, Turkey, and a high concentration of land in the Ottoman Empire, lived in the Middle East. Approximately half of the other half was living in Europe by showing a great density in Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania). This doesn’t mean that all the Jews live there. In fact, including India and China, there were Jews living around the world. However, in terms of Jewish history, we focus on the broad centers where Jews live collectively. The Ottoman Empire of the Halife Ömer’s Jerusalayim occupied (six years after the death of Hz. Muhammad’s death) other than a brief exception (from 1099 to 1187) – in the hands of Muslims, It took this way until the World War I ended in 1917. During the years of Renaissance (since 1516), this Muslim strength belonged to the Central Area Ottoman Empire. Though they are Muslims, it is important to indicate that the Ottomans are not arabs. Turks had traditionally well with the Jews. Sultan of Jews when they were fired from the Đspanya. By Bayezid, he is accepted to the Ottoman lands and says, “They say that this is the intelligent Ferdinand, but actually stupid.


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