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..) years ago, he was 1965 It was the 50th anniversary of 1915 The idea of ​​the genocide memorial was born, press members, the Đstanbul Armenian Patriarch of the Period was based on the gate of Shunorhk Kalustyan: “Was the genocide?” The question was simple, the answer was difficult. Because in Istanbul, the patriarch is not easy to live as an Armenian. The patriarch preferred the response of the present President in those years: “Let’s leave the matter of genocide to the historians.” Press Members have not satisfied. The Turkish newspapers said, “Armenian Patrics said: There has been no genocide!” he needed the cuff. “What do you think of as the person?” They asked. I was seven years old in 1915. ” said, Yozgat Province, “Kalustian in the Village of Umdeli,” I’m a mother from my family of Seven. Where are my relatives? If you find the answer to this question, haven’t the genocide, are the answer to the question of whether it’s not. “

In 1990, we learn the words of the passenger of Kalustyan in 1990 after 35 years of Armenian church in Köln. The purpose of our meeting with him, in Turkey “Anti Ermenicilig to” the return of the infamous campaign to find out how this affects Armenians living in Germany. (…) Ends our meeting, the words of the Archbishop and a mournful Ezgi stolen to our ear is that the facie is 300 thousand, 800 thousand and 1 and a half million figures. To his mother’s mother’s mother from a son of seventy personality and his mother to marry a Muslim, to be a son of a son, and years later, while in Suneork Kalustian, while the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of Head of the Head of Head of the Head of Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of His Department, while the mother of his mother is married. It’s turning out! Today, those who declare the Armenians against the Armenians should be ready for similar surprises. Because, those who are born in the land where Crimea are experienced, they can never be sure of their identity. Berivan Ağmaz & Dogan Akhanli 2000/07 Ottoman 2000/07 Ottomanally discussed to date, a religious minority of a religious minority and that mystic road is interested in the first periods of interesting rituals of the mystic road. Its essence; The fact that makes the story interesting and continuously causing various speculations to the emergence of the “special” attitude. Throughout the date, they were a real Muslim as they reflected in the full Jew, nor outside. They continued as a mystical, embassy and Christian Jewish Tarikati with the secret and uncanny rituals they continue between them. The fact that they were there and were taking place with all the actions of this existence in a stored size. Despite this, discussions that they are in spite of it took up to date. Are the Thessalonians or the Original Omission of Sabetaycı, with the original expression, are still going on their life today? To date this question, the Jewish community and the Rabbout did not answer a clear net; did not want to give. The leading of the Jewish section we applied to the issue, they prefer to assume this community “YADSIMA” and “None”.


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