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4. The realization of the final dominant shareholder / owners of the final dominant share of the shareholder and the only shareholder of our company has a shareholder in Ohio, is 74.6% share in Ohio. 5. The fact that the fact that the corresponding to the corresponding to the fact that the public is presented to the public, which is given to the duties of the fact that the fact that the fact that the fact that it can learn from the corresponding to the duties of the fact that there is still the information that they are currently working in the tasks, and the information on our website will be announced on our website. will be renewed in the case of variety. Members of the Board of Directors, Directors of the Board of Directors, Members of the s>, General Accounting Manager, Tax Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Manager of Financial Estimates, Adapazar> and Accounting Manager, Public
  • sales Director, Marketing Director, for the company Financial M fl avira, f the company Law Danish> fl man>, responsible for the accounting department> staff of the financial statements, the staff in charge of financial estimates.
  • 6. Our Shares of Shares in the main word FLAT in the Master Prayer, there is no provision of the revolution of the stocks, which is not found to be a provision of a provision of 10% and more of the shareholders of the Board of shareholders in the Book of the Board of Directors, where there is no provision. There is a provision of the province of the registration of the recording of the recording.

    1. Informing the Stakeholders A) Information is given in terms of interest in interests. b) Information, the participation of the meeting, the participation of the meeting, the addition campaigns, diagnoses can be informed in the event of the channel and demands. 2. Any mechanism and model of the Corporate Governance of the Corporate Governance in the Board of Directors of Stakeholders to the management of the stakeholders. 3. The Human Resources> Policies of the

    (a) EN FİT CO in the ULL İl İl İl İş F> RSAT provision, (b) to inform the Rights of Rights, Career and FL company in the Rights, Career and FL’s Firety Facilities, (c) Safe Instructor for Momitions to work> and CO FL ULLAR> Having the monitoring of (d) in the intercommissions (d), it is not observed to be observed in the intercommissions and to protect the maltreatments to malfunctions. b) The Province of Moments is carried out by the Director of the Province of Kiler

    2. The qualifications of the members of the Board of Directors a) The qualifications sought in the Board of Directors Member are in compliance with the corporate governance and the principles of the province are not included in the main instrument.


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