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Returning to our trade, the articles of export to the United States are more numerous than

which is generally believed; but they do not develop, either for lack of agents, or because of the meager proportions of the crop, or because there is no evidence to overcome the first resistance, which foreign fruits have in a foreign market. I will tell you, like this, in passing, and without pretense, what are the articles that could have an outlet in this market:

Scraping the henequen weakens its strength, crushing it, and lowers its price. Now it is said that it is a matter of remedying this evil. The number of those who trade in henequen is much very small, and more than as brokers as merchants; so they monopolize it, impose prices on it, and become owners of that rich industry.

The ixtle is more resistant and flexible than the henequen; But since the thread is short, it cannot be used for henequen, it curls and is used in cushions and mattresses. This trade is gaining strength. The best is from the State of Tamaulipas.

The cultivators of vanilla, which is a very rich product, have not, in my opinion, paid enough attention to what they lose by drying in the fire: drying in the sun would be worth much more.

I forgot to tell you. as for the Campeche stick, that intelligence with the manufacturers of zarazas and prints would make it more valuable.

As for woods, besides mahogany, cedar and moral, of which great sales are made, a wood is requested from you. they call chechem, similar to box: ebony, ciricote, jovillo, and others that I do not remember and abound on the Mexican coast are highly esteemed.

Regarding honey, I will tell you. that what is sold here comes from Tampico, and is usually sold for up to 80 cents a gallon; but it is known that this crop is neglected in Mexico: honey is thin: it often comes sour. Well grown, it would make a lot of money.

The cauchuc comes now, Shiels said, from Tabasco and Veracruz and a little from the Laguna; but in many parts of the Republic, as in the Huasteca, large exploitations could be undertaken: the South American rubber now dominates the market, competing.

—You see, Andrés Aznar used to say: Buenos Aires competes with us with goat hides, and ours are worth more; but those traders are smarter and study this market more.