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This outburst of His Holiness, which disinherited the nations of the ancient continent from the rest of the world, was neglected, and England, Holland and France, taking very little care of His Holiness’s bull and anathemas, armed expeditions, undertook conquests and established colonies, fighting against the Spanish and Portuguese, who, as Laboulaye says, were determined to preserve the monopoly of the new world.

In 1496, by order of the same God, who had authorized Alexander VI, England gave John Cabot, a Venetian established in Bristol, a commission similar to that which Ferdinand and Isabella gave Colon. There was no other difference except that Cabot had to make the expenses at his own expense, the King reserving the dominion of the discovered lands, and the fifth of the products of the expedition.

Armed with this broad and disputable title, Cabot, accompanied by his son Sebastian, made his first ex

cursion, and in the second of his attempts, planted in the Floridas, as a sign of possession, the English flag.

The land occupied by the English was inhabited by savage tribes; but they were included as among the wild beasts, without representation and without rights, because in those times all iniquity with those who were not Christians was lawful. The titles were from England and Spain, who had their official God.

The first serious trial of colonization was attempted in 1584 by Walter Raleigh, a chivalrous and romantic person, the same one who spread his embroidered cloak on the mud, so that his sovereign would not stain his feet.

The concession made to Raleigh was very extensive, the lands were extensive, and as for the emigrants, they were left in full freedom to settle on the most convenient terms with the lord proprietor: Raleigh had absolute jurisdiction in full lordship.

On the first voyage of exploration the Carolinas were coasted, and the country seemed so enchanting that it was named Virginia to perpetuate the memory of the Virgin Queen, under whose advocacy such a happy discovery had been made.

Raleigh, pursued by a creeping enemy, was charged with conspiracy and sentenced to death by a cowardly and corrupt jury.

After spending a long time in prison, he was released; but without his goods, without any representation, watched and deafly persecuted.

Raleigh was apprehended in one of his adventures, the case was revived unworthily because he had been tried fifteen years before, and he was beheaded on October 26, 1618, dying this character with remarkable integrity and dignity.

King James tried to protect the companies of the distant lands, and although this protection was not always successful or beneficial, the colonies, under his reign, had remarkable development.

In 1606, the King divided into two large portions the territory in which the twelve colonies were located, which in all their extension had the name of Virginia.